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o Small groups help make healthy parishes

o Small groups are part of everyday life

o Small groups are found in Holy Scriptures

o Small groups are found in Church’s Teachings

We are called to create small communities of faith which will become a means of evangelization of the gospel and a source of new ministries.
Pope John Paul II, Redemptoris Missio

Important Principles
1. Remain attached to the local/universal church;
2. Maintain a sincere communion with the church’s pastors;
3. Profess and teach the Catholic faith in obedience to the church’s magisterium;
4. Conform to the church’s apostolic goals of evangelizing and sanctifying humanity;
5. Avoid the spirit of elitism, of making others feel inferior.
6. Manifest the fruits of holiness, revealing in their behaviour the unity of faith and love of neighbour
7. Manifest solidarity with and service to society.

General Guidelines
1) Your group is a small family or church which originates and is connected to the greater family of
your local parish.

2) Your group or family receives the support and graces of your local church.

3) Your group or family is a Eucharistic family that allows members to grow closer to Christ in the
comfort and trust of each other’s presence and support.

4) Format:a.
a. It’s a social and spiritual gathering consisting of Bible study, food, and a large degree of interaction.

b. Bible studies follow a sharing and discussion format rather than classroom style lectures.
Each individual would find a place to share their blessings and struggles becoming
personally acquainted with and involved in each other’s lives
c. The group meets weekly or bi-weekly and does not meet in summer time.
d. During the active periods, small groups would come together once a month to
interact,share their experiences and a meal and receive teaching on a relevant theological
e. Group study methodology would follow Lectio Divina.

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