Come join us spiritually every day at 3:00 pm, The Hour of Mercy, to pray for the needs posted below and your own personal desires.
Always trust in God’s goodness and His Love for you.

Hour Of Mercy

             Who is helping us pray for you?

               The Work of God Apostolate
                   Oblates of Divine Mercy
                    The Apostles of Divine Mercy (of San Fernando Valley)
                         Holy Angels Catholic Church – Divine   Mercy Prayer Request Line
                        Divine Mercy Apostolate Worldwide
                      Divine Mercy Outreach Ministry
              Divine Mercy Prayer Group

Chaplet Of Divine Mercy

Please start reading “prayer petitions” from the bottom up. Most recent requests are placed at the beginning of the list which is the bottom.
Thank you for your prayers and God bless you.

Don’t know what to pray for? Let’t start with the following…

1) For the conversion of sinners
2) For the souls in purgatory
3) For our Catholic Church, its orders, priests, and laity.
4) For those who do not believe in God and those who do not yet know Jesus.
5) For those who are currently dying.
6) For the children and families
7) For those who venerate and glorify God’s Mercy 

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Prayers from users…


- Please pray for my brother in law, to bring the operation forward or he will die 


- for Lou and Aimee – Aimee is mentally ill and wants to die.
They do not have the faith, although her mother praises us for praying.
for Ena’s son who is serving in Basra 


- for my daughter Melanie, for her to get in touch with me. 


- Please pray for my grandfather Andres Hechavarrias who is 79 years old and is going to receive an eye operation today 


- Dear God, please forgive my persistence, but I really need this prayer to be granted. Pleasae pray that R be converted into an honest, decent and loving person. Show him how much I love him and allow us to reconcile in faith, hope, and love. Thank you 


- For a special conversion and reconciliation intention. I pray to God that in this Christmas season, R are able to renew our friendship in faith, hope, and love. Thank you 


- I would like to join your prayer so that I could ask help from you to pray for me, my family, relatives, friends, neighbors, evrybody, our country, the whole world and especially to those who need most of
God’s mercy.
- Please pray for our country, the economic situation, and for the restorating of human dignity…that our prayers change the negative influence imparted by television programs and particular groups in our country and world. thank you. 


- please pray for my daughters, nieces and nephews, dad, brothers and sister to be delivered from all evil, harm, dangers, sin and sickness, Please pray for my husband and brother to be delivered from alcohol and all evil habits. please pray for my urgent financial need and break through and also succeed in migrating to Australia/Canada 

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