Love became Man.

I have become greatly aware this Christmas that Love is It. It is everything.
I look around me and I see that Love is what animates us, it is our desire to commune, it is the reason behind our dialogues, it is why we wake up, it is the reason why we don’t want to die, it is the reason why we want to die…Love sustains us, Love calls us. We live in Love, through Love, and for Love.
What is also interesting is that as much as Love is everything, it cannot be defined. The term “love” cannot define “Love.” Love is not a word; Love is energy; it is a force; it is the action of giving and receiving. It is, simply, the Trinity. You cannot define it. To define love is to narrow it. Love can only be lived and not understood. It is not meant to be in a page of a dictionary or in someone’s understanding, it is the actions of the Trinitarian giving and receiving in which we, unaware at times, live this called humanity.

This Christmas, Love became Man. How can that be?
This communion of persons in the Trinity, this giving and receiving that created the world became a brother to us. He grew nails like we did, he got his knees dirty, he saw through our eyes, and He gave Himself to death – body, blood, soul and divinity.

Coincidentally,  “Jesus Divine Mercy Inc,” will be travelling the next three weeks to Paray-le-monial (France), the location where the saint Margaret Mary alacoquereceived the vision of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. There the team will inquire, dialogue, and share about this amazing mystery of God’s love. We will have you all in our prayers.


Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2011!


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