Dare to believe!

Have you ever known someone that was crazy to see you?  See you for what, you may say! Your friend’s heart pulsates rapidly just thinking that you are near.  If you lay your head in your friends’ chest, you can feel how your presence calms your friends’ heart down.

Could you merit that much passion from someone? Have you earned such attention?
Apparently – you have…

As we speak, you are being Loved by God with no strings attached, no judgment, no imposition – just a gentle cry from the Creator of all things wanting to say hi – to commune with you.

How? Don’t use your intellect; stop figuring this out!

Focus on your heart and love Him.

During the next 4 minutes, just Love Him.

Leave behind all pre-conceived ideas that you may have and simply Love Him . This is not about you; It is about Him.

If you are inspired to write, send us your experience and let us know whether you want to share it with others or not on the website.

Be happy!


Oh Fire of Love – Fire of Love!
Burn me from the inside out.
Let your flames burn me; consume me.
God of Love; God of Fire!
My soul can barely take your Flames; drink your Love…
But my heart wishes, and even begs, for more.
Consume me oh Grandeur;
Consume me oh Lover; My Master; My Defender; Mercy Incarnate.
Let your Will be done on earth!
Let your will be done on me!

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